Used Alfa Laval Nozzle Centrifuge CH-36 GOF

Used Alfa Laval Nozzle Centrifuge CH-36 GOF

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Nozzle Centrifuge CH-36 GOF

The Merco nozzle centrifuge CH-36 GOF is a nozzle centrifuge designed for continuous discharge of solids. It is used for classifying, concentrating, and washing solids, and for clarifying liquids that contain relatively high solids concentrations. The Merco CH-36B GOF is widely used in the maize starch industry for processes that include primary starch separation, gluten thickening, millstream thickening and middling concentration.

Technical specifications

Type: Nozzle Centrifuge
Max. bowl speed: 2933 rpm
Motor power: 225 Kw
Max. density of feed: 1100 Kg/m3
Max. density of sediment: 1700 Kg/m3
Process temperature min./max.  0-65 ℃
Manufacturing year: 2004

Nozzle Centrifuge CH-36 GOF is second -hand, but it is fairly new (never used)