Used Alfa Laval Disc Separator PX100

Used Alfa Laval Disc Separator PX100

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Disc Separator PX100

Technical specifications

Manufacturing year: 2013
Use: Edible oil
Bowl speed: 4300 rpm
Motor: 37 Kw
Feed temperature range: 0–100°C (32–212°F)
Disc separator PX100 capacity:
Degumming, neutralization, washing 34,000 kg/h
Dewaxing 17,000 kg/h

Disc Separator PX100 Applications

Continuous degumming, neutralizing, dewaxing, and washing of fatty oils, such as various vegetable oils, lard, tallow, and fish oil.

Operating principles of Disc Separator PX100

The oil to be separated is fed into the separator bowl from the bottom through a hollow spindle and enters the disc stack.
The heavy phase and heavy sludge are forced towards the periphery of the bowl, while the light phase flows towards the centre of the bowl, from where it is pumped out for further processing. The heavy phase is led over a top disc into a chamber where an adjustable paring device pumps it out of the separator.
Sludge collects in the sludge space and is discharged intermittently and automatically. The discharge is achieved by a hydraulic system which at preset suitable intervals forces the sliding bowl bottom to drop down, thus opening the sludge ports at the bowl periphery. The sludge is collected in the frame and leaves the disc separator PX100 via a cyclone.


The disc separator PX100 is based on a unique, semi-hermetic design concept. The hermetic, bottom-fed inlet ensures a gentle, non-destructive acceleration of the feedstock up to full bowl speed. The flow area for the feedstock has been increased to minimize inlet pressure drop. The outlets on the heavy and light phases are open, reducing the pressure drop across the separator. The feed-pressure requirement of the machine is therefore low.

The outlets are equipped with stationary paring devices for removal of the different phases. The paring disc on the light phase is fixed, while the paring tubes on the heavy phase are adjustable.

By adjusting a positioner on the heavy phase outlet, the operator can reduce or enlarge the paring diameter of the paring tubes. This patented innovation makes it possible to adjust the position of the separation interface during operation, facilitating optimal separation.

With the working environment in mind, the disc separator PX100 disc stack centrifuge is designed to operate at low noise levels. This is achieved by means of a rubber-damped bearing assembly, jacketed frame and an outer bowl design engineered for low wind noise.

Used Disc Separator PX100
alfa laval PX100