Working with us
Working for SEPARATECH is much more than just a job; its a passion. Building relationships with people and playing an important role in their lives can be emotional and challenging, but it is also one of the most rewarding jobs a person can have.

At SEPARATECH all of our employees, including office staff and management, will take on our engineer roles to provide direct support to our clients. This way, we directly lean our client’s routines, we know what to expect of our engineers and we can identify areas to further support our clients.

To work with SEPARATECH it is essential that you have genuine for others, good communication skills and the ability to understand what each of the other roles entails. Centrifuge experience is useful but not always necessary as we provide full training.

We are committed to providing our employees with on-going personal development and extensive training. Our engineers work with different clients in order to gain experience and confidence providing specialized centrifugal separation solutions for different cases.

new employees are fully supported and are provided with a thorough induction and training process which informs them of our company policies and procedures. We never let any of our staff start work independently until they are qualified and confident to do so; they are introduced to clients and given the opportunity to shadow other engineers in order to learn a client’s daily routine.

During supervisions, any employee who expresses an interest in progressing in their career will be supported to do so with targets to reach so that they have a fair chance in applying for any positions open.

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