Used Alfa Laval Disc Separator BRPX 717SFV-31CGL

Used Alfa Laval Disc Separator BRPX 717SFV-31CGL

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Alfa Laval Disc Separator BRPX 717SFV-31CGL

Disc Separator BRPX 717SFV-31CGL Applications
It is used for removing suspended solids with a particle size of 0.5–500 μm. The solids content in the feed is normally in the range of 0.1–10 % by volume depending on the specific operation involved but may also be higher. The BRPX 717SFV-31CGL is a clarifi er that provides intermittent self-triggered discharge of solids in a very dry state and features a combination of high g-force, a high standard of hygiene and automated operation.The Disc Separator BRPX 717SFV-31CGL is also equipped with Oxy-Stop, which is a hydrohermetic seal for minimal oxygen pick-up of the clarified liquid.

Technical specifications
Model: BRPX 717SFV-31CGL
Manufacturing year: 2006
Bowl speed: 4800 rpm
Motor: 75 Kw
Max. density of feed: 1.1 g/cm3
Max. density of sediment: 1.516 g/cm3
Feed temperature range: -5 / 100°C

Operating principle of Disc Separator BRPX 717SFV-31CGL
The feed is introduced into the rotating centrifuge bowl from the top via a stationary inlet pipe and accelerated in a distributor before entering the disc stack . The separation takes place between the discs. The liquid phase moves towards the centre of the bowl where it is pumped out under pressure by means of a built-in paring disc. The heavier solids phase is collected at the periphery of the bowl where it is discharged intermittently via the centrifuge cyclone. The solids are discharged by a hydraulic system below the separation space in the bowl, which at certain intervals forces the sliding bowl bottom to drop down thus opening the solids ports at the periphery of the bowl. The self-triggering system functions as follows; a sensing gas is introduced via the top into the sensing chamber. When the accumulated solids reach the outer periphery of the sediment indicating disc, the pressure in the sensing gas line changes. This pressure change acts as a trigger via an optional control system.

used Alfa Laval Disc Separator BRPX 717SFV-31CGL