Used GEA Westfalia Disc Separator MSD70-01-076

Used GEA Westfalia Disc Separator MSD70-01-076

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Disc Separator MSD70-01-076

Disc Separator MSD70-01-076
Manufacturer: GEA Westfalia
Type: MSD 70-01-076
Manufacturing year: 2002
Description: Self-cleaning disc centrifuge
Capacity: 10,000 LPH for milk/whey separation and 15,000 LPH clarification/standardization
Bowl Speed: 6450 rpm
Motor Power: 15 kw

This separator Disc Separator MSD70-01-076 has been designed for hot milk or whey skimming, cream concentration or serum skimming. The self-cleaning bowl makes the machine suitable for fully automatic cleaning-inplace. Opening and closing of the bowl for discharging the solids takes place hydraulically using water. The product is fed into the machine through a closed-line system. Double centripetal pumps likewise discharge the heavy and light phases in a closed system. The product feed and discharges in the bowl are hydrohermetically sealed and do not feature mechanical seals. The machine is driven by a 3-phase AC motor via a gear worm.

how does a centrifugal Milk Cream Separator function?

The use of centrifugal force in a cream separator machine amplifies the separation of the milk. One centrifugal milk separation unit contains conical disks spinning in a bowl or drum at the speed of around 6,000 to 10000 revolutions per minute, depending on the structure and operating theory of separation.

A centrifugal force equivalent to thousands of times the normal gravitational force is created on the whole milk which is moving through the conical disks. Fat globules being the lighter part of the milk move to the heart of the drum, while the heavier skim milk moves to the outer sides as they get separated from the fat component. This is the process of cream-skimming.

MSD70-01-076 GEA Westfalia Separator