Used Flottweg Centrifuge Sedicanter S4D-3/408

Used Flottweg Centrifuge Sedicanter S4D-3/408

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Used Flottweg Centrifuge Sedicanter S4D-3/408

Flottweg Centrifuge Sedicanter S4D-3/408
Model: S4D-3/408
Manufacturer: Flottweg
Manufacturing year: 1997
Bowl speed: 4800 rpm
Bowl diameter: 18″
Primary motor: 30 Kw

How used  Sedicanter S4D-3/408 works

The functional principle of the Used Flottweg Centrifuge Sedicanter S4D-3/408 is similar to that of a solid bowl decanter centrifuge. Distinctive features of this kind of centrifuge are a solid wall bowl and a conveyer scroll located within the bowl. The centrifugal force is generated by rotation. The conveyor scroll rotates at a slightly different speed from that of the bowl and thus conveys the separated solids. The entire centrifuge rotor consists of a bowl shell, a scroll, and a rotating gear, which generates the differential speed.

The Flottweg Centrifuge Sedicanter S4D-3/408  is an innovative solid bowl centrifuge (decanter centrifuge) which combines the advantages of decanter centrifuges and disk stack centrifuges alike. The centrifugal force of the Sedicanter is between 5000 and 10,000 x g. Its clarification efficiency is thus similar to that of a disk stack centrifuge. At the same time its construction design allows the Sedicanter to process high solids loads in the feed, like a decanter. In contrast to a decanter, however, the Sedicanter can also process fine and pasty solids – which can be discharged from a decanter only with difficulties due to their soft consistency.
The Sedicanter is appropriate for processing soft products such as biomass, yeast suspensions, protein suspensions, fermentation broth, and many more.

Advantages of the Sedicanter
• Efficient separation of suspensions for which decanter centrifuges or disk stack centrifuges provide only insufficient results
• Processing of suspensions with fine and pasty solids or fluid sediments (yeast, protein, etc.)
• High g-forces for efficient solids separation and maximum clarification of the liquids, similar to disk stack centrifuges

Used Flottweg Centrifuge Sedicanter S4D-3
Used Flottweg Centrifuge Sedicanter S4D-3/408